Booked It book club is a children’s literacy program focusing on kids who are non-readers and kids who have lower reading levels. Our goal with the program is to have the children meet the Department of Education reading requirements. Our program helps provide an enjoyable and easy way for children to find the very FUN in reading as well as develop many literacy skills

Children who lack early exposure to reading struggle academically, tend to suffer from low self-esteem, and are at much higher risk of delinquency. The children most at risk come from low-income families where parents do not or cannot read to their children and for whom books are an unaffordable luxury. For families struggling to make ends meet in these difficult economic times, books and reading may be their last priorities. Yet, reading is the very skill these children need most to succeed in school and move beyond a life of poverty.

The Problem

  • Children who live near or below the federal poverty line have much lower average reading scores than their peers.

  • Lack of basic literacy skills is linked with academic failure, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, delinquency, unemployment, low productivity, and welfare dependence.

  • Parents who cannot read tend to have children who struggle with reading, thus perpetuating the cycle of poverty.


The Solution

  • Providing books to children is a simple, effective, and realistic way to promote language and literacy growth.

  • Owning books is a critical feature of every child's intellectual development.

  • Reading aloud to children is the single most effective practice for enhancing language and literacy development.

  • Children with books at home are eight times more likely to list reading as one of their favorite activities.


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Academic Enrichment

Booked it book club provides the tools needed to help build self-assurance of one's own abilities and qualities when it comes to literacy. We strive to make the program interesting and enjoyable to the point they forget its coming from an educational stand point. Participants of the Booked It book club receive:

  • Free book every week

  • Children’s Dictionary

  • Book Mark Timer

  • Book Shelf

  • Book Publishing

  • Book Signing Event

  • Certificate of completion

Add on incentives for being a part of the program

  • Member T shirt

  • Member drawstring bag

  • Celebration when program is completed

  • Snacks during each session