Let’s have some FUN with reading, take a trip into the world of storytelling with the Booked It Book club. As we may have discovered some children love reading and some children are just not a big fan. There are many reasons as to why children have mixed feelings towards reading. What we do know is that reading is a very important tool and without comprehending, what we read can lead us into problems in the future. Expecting Relief is looking to build a child's confidence when it comes to reading.

Book clubs provide an enjoyable and easy way for children to develop many literacy skills. Simply by reading books in preparation for book club meetings, children will develop fluency or the ability to read smoothly and with expression. In addition, they will learn new vocabulary words and be exposed to new ideas and concepts. Through the discussion that takes place at book club meetings, children will develop a deeper understanding of books, consider others’ perspectives on the same book and practice analyzing the books they read.


Finally, book clubs help children develop important language skills. Book discussions help children practice turn taking, encourage them to use language to analyze, make predictions and solve problems, and provide them with opportunities to try out new vocabulary words. Simply by reading and participating in discussions themselves, parents can provide important language and literacy models for their children.


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